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The purpose of ZoneHound™ is to tell you the resource utilization of each Solaris Zone on a system with multiple zones. The most basic explanation is that it does this by summarizing data collected by the ps utility. As a result, ZoneHound runs in the global zone and needs a zone naming convention that enables you to see what's going on with tools like ps. Of course, you'd want to set it up that way anyway.

Zonehound was designed as a result of discussions that we've had with our customers about the aspects of systems administration that require new and different tools. It's not some big GUI framework, it doesn't use microstate accounting, and it won't cost a lot of money. The current version of ZoneHound is 1.01.04.

ZoneHound can run without SarCheck, our flagship product, but it was designed to work with and to compliment SarCheck. The two of them make a terrific combination because ZoneHound tells SarCheck about zones, which really can't be seen with sar.

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