SarCheck® Product Tour

This tour requires serious bandwidth! You'll also need a sound card, speakers, and a relatively current browser. Technical suggestions for improving this tour should be sent to, and we're already working on better examples of what SarCheck can do. A few people have reported download times of up to 5 seconds on DSL connections so please wait a few seconds if there's a delay.

If your browser and connection are up to the task, please start the tour now. If not, return to the SarCheck home page

About SarCheck: SarCheck translates resource utilization data into a Plain English report and can format the data into tables and graphs when the HTML option is used. On UNIX systems, the data comes from sar, ps, and our own lightweight agent. On Linux, we get data from the /proc filesystem and the output of ps. SarCheck will make recommendations for kernel tuning and hardware upgrades as needed.

If you are unable to hear the narration, hold the pointer over this image and you will be able to see the text of the narrative on the screen. a text version of the narrative will be here

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Narration provided by Qvox Voiceworks
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