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SarCheck - The Shutdown FAQ

Here are answers to what we think will be frequently asked questions:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

What's the future of SarCheck?

SarCheck is being sunsetted after 20+ years on the market. Support will end when your support contract ends.

When will my copy of SarCheck stop running?

To see the expiration date for your software, run 'analyze' ('analyze9000' on HP-UX) and look at the end of the output. Many copies of SarCheck were keyed to run forever and for those, the expiration date is 9999/99/99. The following output is from SarCheck for Linux 7.01.29, which was in development as of this writing, and is typical of what you'll see when you run analyze or analyze9000. The expiration date is at the end of the outputi and if there's no date, the software will not expire.

Usage: analyze [-c][-dblp][-dbml][-dbrp][-dnz][-dclp][dcml][dcrp][-diag][-dmy]
       [-dtoo|-dtbl][-en xx][-gd][-gonly][-g24][-h|-hg|-hm|-hp][-hgd][-html]
       [-jpeg|jpg][-k][-mdy][-newkey][-nomp][-nonice][-o][-p][-png][-pd dirname]
       [-pf filename][-ps|-pv][-plp][-pml][-prp][-ptoo|-ptbl][-q|-Q][-r][-ret0]
       [-s][-st xx][-summ|-t|-tonly][-w][-wide][-ymd] [datafile]

-dmy    Use dd/mm/yyyy date format    -pf     Specify explicit ps file name 
-dnz    Report only non-idle disks    -ps     Use default ps -elf file      
-dnz    Report only non-idle disks    -plp    Stop large process warnings   
-dtbl   Format disk stats into table  -prp    Stop runaway process warnings 
-dtoo   Show disk stats table & text  -ptoo   Include tbl of ps -elf data   
-en     The latest time analyzed      -ptbl   Table of ps data, not text    
-gd     Specify graph directory       -q      Print a less verbose analysis 
-gonly  Produce graphs but no text.   -Q      Print least verbose analysis  
-g24    multiday graphs 24 hr x axis  -r      Report only if recommendations
-h      Show help text & ALL switches -s      Display serial numbers        
-hg     Help text for graph creation  -st     The earliest time analyzed    
-html   Add HTML tags for browser use -summ   End analysis after the summary
-newkey Enter expiration date and key -t      Append summary of stats       
-nomp   Stop reporting for each CPU   -tonly  Tabular summary of stats only 
-nonice Ignore niced processes        -wide   Increase the width of graphs. 
-o      Print order/registration form -ymd    Use yyyy/mm/dd date format    
-p      No page breaks/numbering      -pd     Specify explicit ps directory 
SarCheck for Linux 7.01.29, serial #12345678, exp 2018/10/31

What problems can I expect if I run SarCheck without support?

Most of the fixes to SarCheck have historically been tweaks to the parsing of data that SarCheck gets from the operating system. In recent years, there haven't been vary many changes to the output of the tools we use, apparently because everything is working well. Once we turn off our systems for the last time and turn off the lights, we will not be able to help you if the operating system vendor reformats the output of a tool we use.

We will also be unable to generate new activation keys for you and this may be a problem for those of you who upgrade your hardware or otherwise discover that your machine ID has changed. Unlocked software is available to our licensees, please ask us for it before we shut down at the beginning of November 2018.

When does my support end?

This is usually listed on your invoice but feel free to check with us if you aren't sure.

Why are you doing this?

There are several reasons. The main reason is that Don Winterhalter, the original author of SarCheck and the only remaining programmer, decided to retire a few years ago and is finally ready to do it. Additionally, the need for a tool like SarCheck isn't as great as it once was and money isn't spent on UNIX the way it was 10 or 15 years ago. Why aren't third party tools needed the way they once were? The vendors are making better tools, their virtualization efforts have paid off, and they provide their own consulting services. New initiatives are frequently happening on cloud-based platforms. And interestingly, we have never been brought along when IT functions are outsourced.

So basically, everything fell into place and we're going to shut down as gracefully as we can. If there's anything we can do to help you, please let us know.

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