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Son of Devil's Advocate

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If you would like to contact Stan, you may e-mail him at stan@bootle.biz

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Stan's books:

Stan Kelly-Bootle has written some books that might enhance your knowledge and enrich your life. Please check out his books at amazon.com using these handy links:

Understanding UNIX
The Computer Contradictionary
UNIX Complete

Stan's bio:

Liverpool-born Stan Kelly-Bootle has been exposed to computing, on and off and vice-versa, since 1953 when, after graduating in Pure Mathematics at Cambridge University, he switched to impure post-grad work on the wondrous EDSAC I. After some trenching with IBM and Univac in the 1960s and 70s, Stan opted for self-employment as a consultant, writer, folk-song revivalist, after-dinner entertainer, and cunning linguist.

His monthly DA ("Devil's Advocate") column ran and ran in UNIX Review (aka Performance Computing) from 1984 until January 2000 (a date that will live in infamy) but lives on as SODA ("Son of DA") via www.sarcheck.com the homepage devoted to UNIX performance.

The latest of his umpteen books are "The Computer Contradictionary" (MIT Press) and "UNIX Complete" (Sybex). More on his biblio- and disco-graphy can be found on http://www.feniks.com/skb/ soon due for its millennial update. Stan's Computer Contradictionary column appears monthly at www.unixreview.com.

Stan welcomes reader reaction: stan@bootle.biz

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