Performance Analysis and Tuning
for HP-UX
SarCheck for HP-UX
SarCheck is a Linux & UNIX performance analysis and performance tuning tool. It is designed to help you with performance management on most Oracle Solaris, Linux, AIX, and HP-UX systems by making recommendations and explaining them with plain text, supporting graphs, and tables.
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How SarCheck for HP-UX
Makes a Difference

If you've had trouble understanding how to tune your HP-UX system by setting ninode, bufpages, max_dbc_pct, filecache_min, or any of the other tunable parameters, you need SarCheck! SarCheck analyzes your HP-UX system for possible performance bottlenecks and tells you how to correct them.

Most performance tools are actually resource monitors. They're good tools which provide useful statistics about resource utilization in a variety of numeric and graphical formats, but they leave most of the analysis and interpretation up to you. SarCheck for the HP-UX kernel was released in August 1996 and we have been improving it continuously since then with options to help you produce graphs, adjust thresholds, and look at more data.

SarCheck takes performance tuning beyond the others. Instead of just monitoring and re-reporting an HP-UX system's utilization data and statistics, SarCheck analyzes the output of the sar and ps utilities, collects other data from the kernel, and examines the system's tunable parameters and their interaction with each other. Then in a concise, plain English report, SarCheck identifies problem areas and makes recommendations about how to correct them. SarCheck does not actually monitor your system's resources... it leaves that up to sar and ps, which are included with the operating system. SarCheck has been translating sar and ps data into plain English for years. Eventually some other tools may try to generate English output and if they do, we will remain years ahead of them. We do have an agent which will monitor HP-UX activity such as the size of the buffer cache, and the agent is very lightweight with trivial CPU and memory utilization.

To maintain peak efficiency, use SarCheck regularly and watch how its recommendations change when you add more users, upgrade system components and software, or whenever you detect a change in system performance.

We have a solution for the #1 issue according to the 1999 Interex HP-UX System Performance Ballot, and we've had it for over 15 years! This is what SarCheck does and we're delighted by the fact that we have sold thousands of licenses. Let SarCheck perform a health check on your HP-UX or other UNIX/Linux system today. Please note that SarCheck's analysis engine is a PA-RISC binary and thanks to HP's Aries emulator it runs fine on Itanium based machines.

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