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SarCheck for Managers

Note: SarCheck has been sunsetted. The following info will be removed soon as we transition this site into a documentation center. Thanks to everyone for their support over the last 20+ years!

We never expected SarCheck to be all that useful to managers and we've been pleasantly surprised by the way managers have adopted it because of its ability to give clear and coherent information about what can be done to speed up a UNIX or Linux system.

SarCheck is ready to be your secret weapon. It is an inexpensive tool that takes data about the resource usage of UNIX and Linux computer systems and translates that data into a plain English report. It makes recommendations to the System Administrator and it explains when a hardware upgrade may be necessary. It's also widely accepted throughout the business community and we have sold thousands of licenses to companies around the world. If you've had to make a decision about whether or not to spend money on a hardware upgrade, and you had to base this decision on some cryptic statistics or graphs that were hard to understand, you'll appreciate the fact that SarCheck tells your people what to do in Plain English. Here is a sample report from a Solaris system that confirms the fact that a hardware upgrade is not necessary.

SarCheck also helps out with staffing by making the job of performance tuning easier for the System Administrators, increasing their productivity. Because SarCheck can be used to standardize the performance tuning methodology across multiple systems, it can make it easier for one Administrator to step in for another.

The Problem The Solution
Having to postpone hardware upgrades SarCheck will help you to get the best possible performance from your existing servers by making suggestions on ways to tune the system for best performance. It will also recommend appropriate hardware upgrades so that if you do need to spend money, you won't buy something you don't need. We are regularly enhancing our performance recommendations and will continue to do so.
Not enough or overworked System Administrators SarCheck can make a system administrator more efficient by reviewing the resource utilization of your servers and recommending ways to improve performance. This is a job that isn't very interesting or exciting and it doesn't get done when systems administrators are overworked.
A difficult time for travel We're all dealing with economic uncertainty, travel budget cuts, and who knows what's coming next. In any case, it's hard to send people away for training and webinars don't always cut it. SarCheck has automated much of the expertise related to performance tuning and we regularly travel to classes throughout the world to collect the information that makes SarCheck such a unique tool. Not only is its plain English output useful as an onsite tutor, but its suggestions will help improve performance if your systems administrators do not specialize in performance management. Here's a sample of the output.
Virtualization Virtualization saves money because multiple systems can share hardware more efficiently. But don't forget that this technology makes the underlying hardware busier and it makes the performance tuning of the virtual machines (or partitions, or guest operating systems) more important than ever. SarCheck will help to ensure the success of your virtualization strategy by making sure that your system resources are not wasted because it can quickly check the state of tune on your systems every day.

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